Defending Socrates: Political Philosophy Before the Tribunal of Science (under review)

Laurence Berns, Politics, Nature and Piety, edited with an introduction by Alex Priou.  Philadelphia, PA: Paul Dry Books (forthcoming).

Becoming Socrates: Political Philosophy in Plato’s Parmenides (University of Rochester Press, 2018)


Chapters & Articles

Nature, Education, and Freedom,” for a volume on freedom and liberal education (forthcoming).

Olympus as Hades: Plato and the Homeric Parmenides,” in Colin Smith (ed.), Inquiring into Being: Essays on Parmenides (forthcoming).

The Beautiful and the False: An Introduction to Plato’s Hippias,” in Ian Dagg (ed.), Education and Regime (forthcoming).

The Socratic Turn to Alcibiades,” in Charlie Thomas (ed.), Liberty, Democracy, and the Temptations of Tyranny in the Dialogues of Plato (Macon, GA: Mercer University Press, 2021), 22–41.

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The Socratic Arc of Metaphysics 3,” The Review of Metaphysics 72 (2019), 463–96.

The Philosopher in Plato’s Sophist,” Hermathena 195 (2013 [published in 2018]), 5–29.

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On Two Socratic Questions,” The St. John’s Review 58.2 (2017), 77–91. (On Plato’s Euthyphro.)

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Hesiod: Man, Law and Cosmos,” POLIS: The Journal for Ancient Greek Political Thought 31.2 (2014), 233–60.


Essay Drafts

The Plan of Zeus and the Plight of the Octopus“—On the epic tradition and animals in Hesiod

ὁ ἑρμενεύς in Herodotus

Modern Science and Classical Liberalism

The Problem of Providence in Homer’s Iliad“—On the plot of the Iliad

The Myth of the Liar Poet“—On Hesiod and John Berryman’s Sonnet 43

Nietzsche’s New Socrates“—On “The Problem of Socrates” from Twilight of the Idols

Translation of Nietzsche’s Twilight of the Idols


Book Reviews

Review of Michael Davis, The Music of Reason

Review of Jesse Bailey, Logos and Psyche in the Phaedo

Review Essay of Ronna Burger and Patrick Goodin (eds.), The Eccentric Core: The Thought of Seth Benardete

Review of Robert Bartlett, Sophistry and Political Philosophy


Public Scholarship

“How Political is Philosophy?  A Response to Michael Millerman,” Athwart (8/14/2020)

Plato at a Glance,” Athwart (6/26/2020)

What is One?,” The American Mind